Quick carpet cleaning tips

Sticking with the theme of carpet my next blog post which I put together with the help of my friends over at SEFAN Cleaning Services in London covers some quick cleaning tips you can use around your home.

There are many types of flooring finishes homeowners and businesses can adopt for their houses. Carpets form part of the options and one of the best among them all. They have the resilient feeling and makes the room look nice. However, there is the bad side of these flooring options. Maintenance is an issue. They are basically fabric materials which get dirty and dusty with use. If you wish to make easy your maintenance and give some additional life to your carpet, I got some tips that can work. You will use fewer resources, energy and effort in the process of maintenance. Here are the tips.

  • Regular vacuuming

Vacuuming to the carpet is like air to a person. It is recommended that you have your carpet vacuumed as many times as possible. The need for that is to keep the dirt and the dust away from the carpet. The more these accumulates in your carpet, the shorter its lifetime becomes. It is recommended that you vacuum your carpet more if you have more traffic in your house.

  • Remove stains ASAP

This one should be obvious. If you let the stain make a home on your carpet, getting rid of it at a later date will be tough. Not even will it be easy for a professional cleaner to remove the stain. The quicker you act, the better.

  • Make use of door mats

Dirt is an enemy to the carpet. In your home, you don’t see dust or soils around. That leaves you with one thing to look at. The dirt only comes in from the outside as people come into the house. A door mat will work to at least filter out most of the dirt from getting to the carpets.

  • Use only the compatible cleaning products

Some carpets are good even with any type of chemical used on them during cleaning. For others, the high sensitivity won’t let that happen. Instead of gambling around, it is important that you stick with what is specified for that particular carpet. That way, you prevent the unexpected from happening.

  • Say no to shampoos and detergents

They will do a better cleaning but they will leave the residue on the bottom of the carpet. You don’t get what you really desired which is a thorough cleaning without any unwanted effects.

  • Deep cleaning at intervals

Vacuuming is light cleaning and can be done as many times as possible. A deep cleaning is different and emphasises on cleaning using water and chemicals. Don’t let your carpet go for more than 3 months without a deep cleaning. Where there is less traffic, though, you can extend a little.

  • Steam cleaning

It is the number one method of carpet cleaning in the modern times. Both regular homeowners and professional cleaners will support me here.

  • Call the experts for extreme cases

Where the carpet is super dirty, not even the conventional tools will work. In this level, you will definitely need to leave it to the experts.

As well as the information in this post, I also had a look on youtube to see if I could get some further helpful information for you, this is what I found:

What’s involved with an end of tenancy cleaning job

end of tenancy cleaningWhen you lease an office or a house, you usually move into a building which is left in an empty state. It is all clean and ready for you to move in. That means there are no strange markings on the wall, the windows and floors are clean and the toilets are working properly. If the case is otherwise, then it is always advisable first to settle it with your landlord or the leasing agency. When the day you need to move arrives, you are expected to leave the house or office in the same condition you found it. It involves a lot of work to achieve that. Most people do not have all that time and resources needed to do an end of tenancy cleaning. They, therefore, prefer to hire professional companies such as Vale Carpet Cleaners in Cardiff to do end of tenancy cleaning.

Such professional companies provide commercial services, which means you will have to pay them after the job is done. They always make sure that clients leave their leased properties in clean and tidy conditions just as the property management requires. This ensures that clients get to save the time they would have used to clean and the resources they would have incurred. Whenever the property management demands that more cleaning is done, they go back and fix the issue at no extra cost. Following are the services offered in end of tenancy cleaning service:

  • Floor cleaning and mopping – the companies, perform hard mopping on the floor and remove all the dirt on the floors. They also remove any stains or markings on the walls, cobwebs or unnecessary decorations. This means that the floors, as well as the walls, should be left sparkling clean; just the way you found it.
  • Vacuum cleaning – high-pressure vacuum cleaners are used to collect any scattered dirt on the floors. They also blow out the dust particles from the window panes, window tracks and louvres.
  • Carpet steam cleaning –use vaporised to spot clean and remove dust from all types of carpets is always necessary. The best thing with steam carpet cleaning is that it leaves the carpet dry.
  • Dusting –any accumulated dust is required to be wiped out. On the light holders, shelves, drawers, mirrors and air conditioning vents, any accumulated dust should be wiped out clean. Property managers usually insist on getting them spotlessly clean.
  • Bathroom and toilet cleaning – here, cleaning involves all the sinks and tubs, polishing all the bathroom mirrors and disinfecting the toilet basin. At the end of the day, it is to be ensured that no foul smell or clogged sinks and tubs are left uncleaned.
  • Garage sweeping – all oil stains are to be cleaned. This involves removing all the oil cans and unused spare parts. Sweeping is also done, to clean out any foreign materials scattered.

End of tenancy cleaning involves a lot of process and tasks. It would waste a lot of time to do it on your own. It is always advisable to hire a professional end of tenancy cleaning company.

Home Remodeling Trends For 2016

The home renovation and remodeling industry keeps changing with every new innovation that comes to play every other day. There seems to be more personalization when it comes to remodeling of homes which were not considered in the past. Every house hold trying to custom made the appearance of their homes such that it fits their personality and preferred styles which are very unique and creative. This article put together by a good friend who offers home remodeling in Palm Springs will cover some of the emerging trends popular during home remodeling and renovations which have proven to be game changers in the industry.

Home Remodeling

Personalization of One’s Ideal Space

A design which has become trendy in 2016 is one where by you personalize your ideal space in such a way that it is able to incorporate your demanding lifestyle and still look elegant. Homeowners are becoming more flexible in that they are making use of the idle spaces in their hoses by creating custom made pieces that offer unlimited potential uses and still bring an edge to their house’s appearance. Some of these spaces are modifies to create working spaces, others are maybe designed in a way that it incorporates the latest technology pieces like hanging wall screens on an idle wall and so much more. These moves make the home appear exceptional after renovation.

Adding more Space in the Kitchen Area

Recently, more time is spent in remodeling the kitchen as compared to other rooms. The common trend is making sure that you have as much space as you possibly can in your kitchen. In order to achieve this, some go as far as bringing down the wall that adjoins the kitchen to another room so that the kitchen gets opened up. More time is invested in incorporating amenities such electrical appliances fitted in the kitchen spaces such that it appears like they are in-built.

Addition of Pet Amenities

Very many people consider their pets to be members of their families. As such, a very popular trend in home remodeling includes creation of amenities such as pet showers, feeding station and such, for the comfort of their pets.

Remodeling the Master Bathroom to appear Like a Spa

A popular trend in the remodeling industry includes renovating the master bathroom and making it exquisite. This involves adding luxurious items that are only common in spas such that when one goes to shower, they get to completely relax and unwind. This was traditionally only common in mansions and bungalows but these days, it is possible to transform any size of bathroom into a small spa.

Connecting the Indoors and the Outdoors

Another trend is creating a backyard for entertaining guests. What most home owners are opting to do is to have huge glass doors which can be opened to connect the nature outside with the indoor ambience. This may include having an open patio which is very relaxing especially when entertaining guests.

The Small Homes Trend

Smaller homes are becoming trendier compared to mansions. Most people prefer them as they are energy efficient thus good for the environment. These smaller homes are more practical to live in and still be comfortable which the reason why it has become popular.

These trends have brought change in the home remodeling and renovation industry which keeps on changing as time goes and as technology improves.

Tips for Increasing Curb Appeal on Your Property by Caring for Tree

Tree CareCurb appeal is a quality that your property needs. Any home improvement work that you wish to undertake must involve enhancing the property’s curb appeal. Improving the curb appeal is all about keeping your lawns healthy and attractive. The shrubs and trees on the property need much attention if you’re to benefit from tree service for home improvement. The approach you take depends on whether you wish to spruce your home up for a resale or simply want to renovate it.

Green, Color, Lift and Clean

For example, you could green the property up if you wish to sell it. Coloring and lifting the property up is recommended for any person who wishes to sell it. Cleaning the property and checking it for damages that need repair or replacement is highly advisable too. Therefore, feel free to do whatever it takes to help boost the curb appeal of your property, irrespective of the home improvement projects you perform on it. The cleaning you should do involves:

  • Removing dead trees
  • Removing dead shrubs
  • Removing fallen branches
  • Removing the remaining tree stumps

Make the lawn as green and lush as possible if you wish to green it up. To achieve this goal, you would need to start feeding and watering the lawns early. Covering your property with the right color requires that you plant flowering trees. While at it, don’t forget to tend the flowerbeds and take good care of overflowing planters. The shrubs and ornamentals on the property need a bit of pruning and thinning too.

Take Inventory

You can’t do much work if you fail to take an inventory of all the trees growing on your property. You also have to identify the trees well. While doing this work, keep your eyes open for the shrubs and ornamentals, especially if they are of a high value aesthetically and economically. It’s advisable to set up a plan you intend to implement showing how you will improve the structure and health of all trees you want to preserve on the property.

Tree service for home improvement includes establishing tree root zones. This is crucial for keeping the trees safe from all construction activity that might be going on within your property. The sick trees that are you have placed under treatment need proper evaluation too. The evaluation seeks to find out how the trees are responding to treatment. For this approach to work, you have to spend time with tree service experts.

Importance of Quality Tree Service

Therefore, this is proof that you can invest in tree service as a way of improving your home. The curb appeal on your property improves significantly when you invest in quality tree service. Check the qualifications of the arborists that you hire. They should be qualified and well trained in lawn care, applying tree fertilizer and proper tree care. You can maximize curb appeal by applying the guidelines mentioned here on your property.

Let a pro do the work. Ask for help from local professional arborists. Good arborists are always ready to help. Speak with the arborist if you suspect that the trees are sick because of the color you notice on their leaves. Invite the arborists to your property to inspect the trees in person and tell you how they are progressing. As long as you hire a good arborist, you will enjoy the full benefits of tree service for home improvement.

Building Affordable Concrete Homes

In this post by gp-inc.com we cover issues surrounding building affordable concrete homes. There is a decline in residential housing industry affecting both large custom and affordable home building. Concrete home construction has drawn more interest as the price range is affordable for most builders. The interest largely focuses on:

  • safety
  • Sustainability
  • Disaster resistance
  • Green building
  • Energy conservation

Factors Influencing Affordability

Homes are more affordable because property values have declined over the past years. The cost of materials and labor has also dropped. Affordability depends on size. Homes of 1000-2000 sq ft are far affordable than the larger custom built home. Some builders accomplish lower prices by building several homes simultaneously while others maintain low cost by completing each building at a time.

Judging home affordability by selling price has started to change as more attention focuses on operating costs. Most constructors of concrete home systems have the long-term view in mind.

Longer Term Issues

Homeownership insurance has become a significant part of the home ownership in some areas. For instance insurance rates for homes Southeastern states that are close to ocean or hurricane prone areas have skyrocketed. Insurance rates for home constructed to withstand high-wind forces or fire are lower depending on the insurance company and state. The first question by insurance companies to homeowners is “what is it made of?”

Institute For Business & Home Safety

Simply called IBHS, this is a nonprofit organization that researches and recommends better methods to construct disaster resistant of home and commercial buildings. IBHS under Chuck Vance as its fortified program manager has the support of over 200 insurance companies. It investigates on structures in case of disasters and tries developing better building methods. IBHS will share findings with code authorities to improve building codes.

It also administers Fortified, a program for safer living that certifies a home is build to program standards. According to Vance “these homes must be built to withstand winds of 20mp/h more than the local minimum codes.” It reduces the risk of natural disasters to homes and increases affordability as they do not require replacement due to the effect of high winds.

People prefer living in cost and energy efficient housing during these days of declining energy resources. It is usually reported that building concrete homes raised cost over wood construction by 5-15%. Some builders, however, report they build more affordable with concrete in these ways:

Building Detachable Form Walls

Concrete foundation building owners Jim Bassett and Mike Zeanchozk chose Matrix concrete construction when building Florida homes. They complete 6 houses a week. Now, they are constructing concrete duplex housing near coastline hit by Hurricane Katrina. The average unit of 1049 square feet (with small porch and garage of 317 square foot) according to Bassett sells at $250,000. The homes have concrete walls and wood truss roof. He adds their homes are constructed to resist 146 mph winds and remain affordable because of mass production using handset aluminum forms.

Northern Florida-based Ken Krantz who had a background in structural concrete changed to concrete housing. His company Safewalls decided to take up opportunities in affordable housing market building several in Pensacola and now targeting Jacksonville.

Safewalls homes are made of concrete and also handset aluminum forms. They are roughly 2000 square feet selling under $150,000. They are sturdy with upgraded roof system with resistance 146 mph winds and have energy star ratings. Krantz says homes have a concrete room that offers protection against storms like tornado or hurricane.


A concrete house comes with benefits of low maintenance costs, increased protection from disasters, more energy efficiency, protection from mold and fungus. It is also healthier. Even if the initial cost is higher than constructing with a standard wood frame, it will be covered by savings in the form of reduced energy, maintenance and insurance cost or absence of catastrophic events that destroy entire structure. The concrete housing also guarantees higher living quality and positive impact on the world community.

Tips for Painting Your Home

paints for your homePaint has been around for a very long time and many people decide to paint or repaint their homes to give it a new or a different look. It amazes me how a simple splash of color can transform a room completely. It, however, gets overwhelming for one to settle on the best color for their homes. There are very many different paints in the market to choose from, different textures, colors and also ways of painting. This article which was kindly put together by our good friends over at CET Painting and outlines a number of great tips for painting your home:

Choosing The Color You Prefer:

There are millions of colors to choose from. When deciding which color to settle on, you need to pick on that complements the décor that you have in the room or one that would go well with the décor that you are intending to have. If you decide to go for colors that are a little bit darker, the mood in the room will be cozier and much warmer. Dark colors seem to be pulling in all the space. However, creamier colors make the space in the room to seem much more open. When repainting your home, make a bold and a creative statement.

Choosing your Finishing

Finishing can vary from a flat one to an eggshell type or a satin sort of finishing. The most popular sort of finishing is the matte enamel due to its advantageous features. It is much easier to clean and it improves any type of imperfections that may be visible on the wall. When you keep taking a darker finishing, then the wall imperfections on the wall become more visible. It is advisable to go for a finishing type that has more sheen.

If you are changing the sheen, ensure that you have used two coats. This ensures proper and complete wall coverage. Ensure that the previous color does not bleed through to the new color. This will make sure that there is complete coverage of all roller streaks that were previously there.

Ensure that you have properly the walls. Fill up any wall holes with putty or mud. Once it dries up, texture it appropriately. When this is done, you are almost well prepared to start painting. You can use tape as is highly recommended to cover all the trims and the ceiling edges. This is to avoid any accidental splash of wall paint over these areas. You should the wait until the paint completely dries up so that it does not end up coming out when you are removing the tape.

Now when painting, make sure that the rolling technique that you are using is uniformed all through the room. This will help a lot in saving a huge amount of paint. Avoid placing the roller on the walls when the paint is trying to dry up as it would create an uneven patch.

Giving your walls new painting is the surest way of changing the look of the room. The tips above will help you give your house a homely feel.

Now you are ready to paint your home all you need to some is get some inspiration, we found this video which will hopefully help with that.

4 Benefits of Double Glazing

Gone are the days when you are going to make use of old single glazed windows. double glazing detailsNew technologies making use of double glazing result in an all round improvement to your home. A lot of homes right now are making use of them because they give out added benefits than being just a decorative piece in order to let the sunlight comes in.

To give you an overview as to what double glazing can do for you, and your home, my good friend David from Double Glazing & Doors Manchester has taken some time out from his busy schedule to contribute to my blog with this fantastic article of some of the many benefits of double glazing.


The following are the four main benefits of using double glazed windows:

  1. More secured

First, the windows are more secured compared to ordinary windows. You can sleep well at night knowing that your windows won’t be subject to forcible entry. This is perfect to those who would want to live in a more secure home and do have kids living with them as well.

  1. Reduces sound

Who would want to hear the noise outside the streets? This can be very distracting and irritate especially those who do value peace and quiet. You can read a novel without having to worry about hearing loud noises, shouts, or any disturbing noise getting into your home. It may not make your home sound proof but with double glazed windows, the noise will be lowered compared to using old fashioned windows.

  1. Energy efficient

Next, on the list would be these windows are energy efficient. How would you feel if you save money on your energy bill? For sure, that would be a bonus isn’t it? It may cost you more in installing this type of windows but you can recoup what you have paid for in terms of energy savings in the years to come. That’s something to look forward to isn’t it.

  1. Maintenance free

Lastly, these windows are perfect for those individuals out there who are busy with their work or lives. You do not need to do the cleaning once a week to keep the windows neat. Double glazed windows are designed in such a way that they are maintenance free. So, no more wiping windows for you once a week. You can just leave them there, and they will look tidy for weeks to come.

The biggest challenge here is for you to find a trusted double glazing installer who can offer double glazing at a price that you can truly afford. You can simply search for a local provider and ask for quotations or you can search online for a few listings that provide such a service. Always remember, it does pay off if you to ask more questions, this will clarify anything that lingers in your mind. You will be able to get what you are looking for at a reasonable price. It is also advisable to do a thorough search first on the design or type of windows you want to have at home, and then discuss it with your provider to ensure you get what you wanted.

How To Be Wise When You Buy Solar, Insulation And Double Glazing

Products that are EE will offer benefits that are real to your customers, and will also ensure growth in the sector business wise. For you to buy products that are energy efficient, follow the following guidelines as they will help you out.

  1. Take Enough Time Before You Make A Decision.

There are usually so many temptations which a customer can be offered, such as a certain offer that is time-limited, or being given special discounts for given products. Despite these offers seeming so good, never rush in to sign up immediately. You should first visit a number of businesses to ensure you have gotten a better deal. You should know that a sales person can not force you to buy any product when you have not made up your mind yet. It is against your rights as a customer and can lead to their prosecution.

  1. Double Check All the Facts

You should be sure if whatever you are considering to buy is fit to be in your home or not. This could include whether the products, if electrical, are energy saving, and also if it needs installing, check if you are the one who needs to take care of the installation costs. You should only buy a product when you have done all necessary products and are sure it suits you.

  1. Have Enough Knowledge before Signing Anything

Take enough time going through the paperwork, all of it. Be sure to ask for clarifications on instances where you fail to understand something. You can only put your signature when everything is clear and you have understood what you are getting.

  1. Know the Cancellation Rights

Where ever you buy your products, either at home on the doorstep or at a shop, and you spend more than 35 dollars, the customer is given seven days in case they change their mind and then cancel the order. When you cancel, you usually get back all the money spent. This includes any deposit that had been paid. However, you should always think carefully before making a cancellation if you are sure that you do not need to purchase the product anymore.

  1. Know All Your Rights Incase Anything Goes Wrong

Ensure that you are aware of all consumer rights. You should be aware of the rights so that you know what you can do just in case something goes wrong apart from the way that you had expected things to go. Also, in case something goes wrong, be sure to contact someone who would be able to give you more information and advice on the legal rights that customers have.

Sales persons should be aware that it does not seem right to tell someone to sign the contract to purchase a given product on the first day of explaining to them. They require time to make that decision on their own after being given all information needed.

Guide To The Best Options For Garage Doors

A garage door that is front-facing can consume up to 20% of the front façade in your home. A garage door that is beat out, old and worn out is a liability. When it comes to remodeling, most homeowners are starting with the garage since it is external and is seen by everyone within proximity of the house. This is mostly seen in homes whereby their garage doors are either located at the front or at the center of the house thus very open.

Garage Door Example

Garage Doors Types

There are 4 major types of garage doors. They may either roll up, swing up, slide to the side or swing out. Those garage doors that swing out help to maintain that the ceiling is clear. However, the most popular one that is being used by many people is the one that rolls up. You should be sure of the space between the ceiling or overhead frame and the door of the garage. This should be ascertained before you go to buy the garage door. You could also look for tracks which are custom made for garages. They usually have walls that are very high or cathedral ceilings.

How to Choose the Right Style

When looking for a garage door, it is vital to select the one that is going to match your style and personal preferences as different people have a different touch. Most of the common styles usually feature panels and trims among others. Doors that have been constructed with the true frame and the panel tend to be sturdier and much stronger in comparison to those that have been decorated with glued details or ones that have simply been nailed on them. There are roll-up doors that have frosted plastic on their panels while others have a shatterproof glass which brings out a very modernized look.

Common Materials for Garage Doors

Steel: This is preferred at most times since it does not require lots of maintenance. Since steel usually rusts, it will require surface touch ups most times. Fiberglass, on the other hand, will require painting a couple of times since its color usually fades with time. However, when you buy steel doors that are of very high quality, their warranty maybe for a lifetime so the repainting could be done from time to time by the company where you bought the door from using paint that would be factory supplied.

Wood: This is the most authentic material which the others try to copy. Doors made of wood are readily available in the locality and can be made in whatever size that you would prefer. However, they would need repainting from time to time in order to maintain a good outlook. The warranty that is usually offered to wooden doors is relatively shorter compared to other materials. The most could go up to a year only.

Aluminum: The common ones are those that are made with extruded frames that are heavy duty.

Inspiring Bookcases For Your Home

When talking about a home, it is about a lot of different things other than the dining space, living room or a kitchen.  However, there are many additional things that you can opt to get as well when making a home. Different people have different tastes. Others choose to make game rooms, other go as far as creating a small theatre for their families at home while others choose to build a study room with many books and bookshelves in there. Here are some ways that you can add glamour to your home by using bookcases that have transparent or doors made of glass.

Inspiring Bookcase Example

Transparently Brilliant Bookcases

Here, you can add bookshelves into the living room without interfering with the style that you have developed in your home. The bookcases can be made to be sleek if for instance you have them in white and then you add glass doors which will add the contemporary style aspect. You can match this with your furniture and the décor by having them in neutral tones. You can perfect the setting by having a fireplace that is made of stone or maybe hanging up pictures of art.

Built in Bookshelves for More Functional Storage

If you have a half door separating the entry to your living room, you could use this to make a gorgeous bookshelf which has glass doors. This would perfectly fit a modern home that prefers to have shelf spaces that are well cut and defined. This ends up saving lots of space yet the outcome displayed is very beautiful. The brick wall that is exposed will give the house an eclectic atmosphere. This is especially if some little decorations are added on to it. If you blend a variety of styles and textures, you will have ensured a whole load of unique appearance. The doors made of tempered glass which slide to close or open the bookshelves should have a satin finish. This makes them un-imitative.

It is not only in your living room where you can fit a bookshelf that has a door made of glass. You can also fit them in a dining room such that you can be able to grab a book while you are biting on something.  This could be made into a temporary reading area whenever you are not eating so there is no activity going on there. You could also add your bookshelf at the hearth area. Although this sounds dangerous at first, it can be done in a safe manner that still oozes style and class. When you add bookshelves near the fireplace, it brings out symmetry into the room. It is important to note that the glass doors are a must since they prevent any mishap that can come from fire flaming the books.

It is not a must for the glass doors to completely cover your bookcases. You can put a centre turn that stands out.

5 Quick And Easy Fixes Around The House

Taking care of your home doesn’t have to be difficult and can in fact only take a couple of moments every day. In addition to that, you do not have to call a handyman for some of these things, as you can definitely resolve these issues on your own. Here are five things that you can repair around your home easily, and you won’t even spend too much time or resources doing so. Therefore, even if you are not an expert when it comes to home improvement, you will definitely be able to fix these five common problems around the house.

Squeaky Hinges

Applying some WD-40 onto squeaky hinges or some petroleum jelly or oil will definitely make the noise a thing of the past in just a couple of moments. There are numerous oils and lubricants which you can use to get rid of that nasty sound. Do not let that loud door hinges bother you for months before you do something about it! It literally takes only moments to fix this problem in your home! In addition to that, if there is more than one squeaky hinge in your home, fix them all at once and enjoy peace and serenity in your home!

Cupboard Door

Worn out roller latches often leave cupboard door half-open and unable to shut properly. In addition to that, your half-opened cupboard door or medicine chests can be rather annoying. If your cupboard doors are always a bit opened due to the problem with the old roller latch, order a heavy-duty magnet catch and install it for a quick fix.


Protect the wood in your home from scratches but placing mats on your chairs. In addition to that, you should probably avoid dragging heavy furniture across wooden floors if you want to avoid leaving marks and scratches on it. If you have some scratches that you would like to fix, do not despair. There are numerous ways in which you can fix the scratches easily, but it definitely depends on the type of the wood and the scratch. Use grained coffee to fill in deeper scratches, or rub and almond on a scratch if you would like it to disappear.

Clogged Bathroom

If your bathroom keeps clogging, you do not have to call a plumber right away. First you can try putting some of solutions you can find in your local store that will make the clog disappear. If that does not work the trick, try using a hook to unclog the pipe. You can also use a vacuum to push the clog.

A Jamming Lock

A lock that jams all the time can be rather frustrating, but do not replace the lock just yet! You can use some WD-40 spray so that the lock is lubricated and it will probably work just fine. In addition to that, even if it doesn’t start functioning normally, you can replace the entire lock yourself, as it is not at all difficult or demanding.