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Guide To The Best Options For Garage Doors

A garage door that is front-facing can consume up to 20% of the front fa├žade in your home. A garage door that is beat out, old and worn out is a liability. When it comes to remodeling, most homeowners are starting with the garage since it is external and is seen by everyone within proximity of the house. This is mostly seen in homes whereby their garage doors are either located at the front or at the center of the house thus very open.

Garage Door Example

Garage Doors Types

There are 4 major types of garage doors. They may either roll up, swing up, slide to the side or swing out. Those garage doors that swing out help to maintain that the ceiling is clear. However, the most popular one that is being used by many people is the one that rolls up. You should be sure of the space between the ceiling or overhead frame and the door of the garage. This should be ascertained before you go to buy the garage door. You could also look for tracks which are custom made for garages. They usually have walls that are very high or cathedral ceilings.

How to Choose the Right Style

When looking for a garage door, it is vital to select the one that is going to match your style and personal preferences as different people have a different touch. Most of the common styles usually feature panels and trims among others. Doors that have been constructed with the true frame and the panel tend to be sturdier and much stronger in comparison to those that have been decorated with glued details or ones that have simply been nailed on them. There are roll-up doors that have frosted plastic on their panels while others have a shatterproof glass which brings out a very modernized look.

Common Materials for Garage Doors

Steel: This is preferred at most times since it does not require lots of maintenance. Since steel usually rusts, it will require surface touch ups most times. Fiberglass, on the other hand, will require painting a couple of times since its color usually fades with time. However, when you buy steel doors that are of very high quality, their warranty maybe for a lifetime so the repainting could be done from time to time by the company where you bought the door from using paint that would be factory supplied.

Wood: This is the most authentic material which the others try to copy. Doors made of wood are readily available in the locality and can be made in whatever size that you would prefer. However, they would need repainting from time to time in order to maintain a good outlook. The warranty that is usually offered to wooden doors is relatively shorter compared to other materials. The most could go up to a year only.

Aluminum: The common ones are those that are made with extruded frames that are heavy duty.