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Home Remodeling Trends For 2016

The home renovation and remodeling industry keeps changing with every new innovation that comes to play every other day. There seems to be more personalization when it comes to remodeling of homes which were not considered in the past. Every house hold trying to custom made the appearance of their homes such that it fits their personality and preferred styles which are very unique and creative. This article put together by a good friend who offers home remodeling in Palm Springs will cover some of the emerging trends popular during home remodeling and renovations which have proven to be game changers in the industry.

Home Remodeling

Personalization of One’s Ideal Space

A design which has become trendy in 2016 is one where by you personalize your ideal space in such a way that it is able to incorporate your demanding lifestyle and still look elegant. Homeowners are becoming more flexible in that they are making use of the idle spaces in their hoses by creating custom made pieces that offer unlimited potential uses and still bring an edge to their house’s appearance. Some of these spaces are modifies to create working spaces, others are maybe designed in a way that it incorporates the latest technology pieces like hanging wall screens on an idle wall and so much more. These moves make the home appear exceptional after renovation.

Adding more Space in the Kitchen Area

Recently, more time is spent in remodeling the kitchen as compared to other rooms. The common trend is making sure that you have as much space as you possibly can in your kitchen. In order to achieve this, some go as far as bringing down the wall that adjoins the kitchen to another room so that the kitchen gets opened up. More time is invested in incorporating amenities such electrical appliances fitted in the kitchen spaces such that it appears like they are in-built.

Addition of Pet Amenities

Very many people consider their pets to be members of their families. As such, a very popular trend in home remodeling includes creation of amenities such as pet showers, feeding station and such, for the comfort of their pets.

Remodeling the Master Bathroom to appear Like a Spa

A popular trend in the remodeling industry includes renovating the master bathroom and making it exquisite. This involves adding luxurious items that are only common in spas such that when one goes to shower, they get to completely relax and unwind. This was traditionally only common in mansions and bungalows but these days, it is possible to transform any size of bathroom into a small spa.

Connecting the Indoors and the Outdoors

Another trend is creating a backyard for entertaining guests. What most home owners are opting to do is to have huge glass doors which can be opened to connect the nature outside with the indoor ambience. This may include having an open patio which is very relaxing especially when entertaining guests.

The Small Homes Trend

Smaller homes are becoming trendier compared to mansions. Most people prefer them as they are energy efficient thus good for the environment. These smaller homes are more practical to live in and still be comfortable which the reason why it has become popular.

These trends have brought change in the home remodeling and renovation industry which keeps on changing as time goes and as technology improves.