Inspiring Bookcases For Your Home

When talking about a home, it is about a lot of different things other than the dining space, living room or a kitchen.  However, there are many additional things that you can opt to get as well when making a home. Different people have different tastes. Others choose to make game rooms, other go as far as creating a small theatre for their families at home while others choose to build a study room with many books and bookshelves in there. Here are some ways that you can add glamour to your home by using bookcases that have transparent or doors made of glass.

Inspiring Bookcase Example

Transparently Brilliant Bookcases

Here, you can add bookshelves into the living room without interfering with the style that you have developed in your home. The bookcases can be made to be sleek if for instance you have them in white and then you add glass doors which will add the contemporary style aspect. You can match this with your furniture and the décor by having them in neutral tones. You can perfect the setting by having a fireplace that is made of stone or maybe hanging up pictures of art.

Built in Bookshelves for More Functional Storage

If you have a half door separating the entry to your living room, you could use this to make a gorgeous bookshelf which has glass doors. This would perfectly fit a modern home that prefers to have shelf spaces that are well cut and defined. This ends up saving lots of space yet the outcome displayed is very beautiful. The brick wall that is exposed will give the house an eclectic atmosphere. This is especially if some little decorations are added on to it. If you blend a variety of styles and textures, you will have ensured a whole load of unique appearance. The doors made of tempered glass which slide to close or open the bookshelves should have a satin finish. This makes them un-imitative.

It is not only in your living room where you can fit a bookshelf that has a door made of glass. You can also fit them in a dining room such that you can be able to grab a book while you are biting on something.  This could be made into a temporary reading area whenever you are not eating so there is no activity going on there. You could also add your bookshelf at the hearth area. Although this sounds dangerous at first, it can be done in a safe manner that still oozes style and class. When you add bookshelves near the fireplace, it brings out symmetry into the room. It is important to note that the glass doors are a must since they prevent any mishap that can come from fire flaming the books.

It is not a must for the glass doors to completely cover your bookcases. You can put a centre turn that stands out.

Gary Wilson