Quick carpet cleaning tips

Sticking with the theme of carpet my next blog post which I put together with the help of my friends over at SEFAN Cleaning Services in London covers some quick cleaning tips you can use around your home.

There are many types of flooring finishes homeowners and businesses can adopt for their houses. Carpets form part of the options and one of the best among them all. They have the resilient feeling and makes the room look nice. However, there is the bad side of these flooring options. Maintenance is an issue. They are basically fabric materials which get dirty and dusty with use. If you wish to make easy your maintenance and give some additional life to your carpet, I got some tips that can work. You will use fewer resources, energy and effort in the process of maintenance. Here are the tips.

  • Regular vacuuming

Vacuuming to the carpet is like air to a person. It is recommended that you have your carpet vacuumed as many times as possible. The need for that is to keep the dirt and the dust away from the carpet. The more these accumulates in your carpet, the shorter its lifetime becomes. It is recommended that you vacuum your carpet more if you have more traffic in your house.

  • Remove stains ASAP

This one should be obvious. If you let the stain make a home on your carpet, getting rid of it at a later date will be tough. Not even will it be easy for a professional cleaner to remove the stain. The quicker you act, the better.

  • Make use of door mats

Dirt is an enemy to the carpet. In your home, you don’t see dust or soils around. That leaves you with one thing to look at. The dirt only comes in from the outside as people come into the house. A door mat will work to at least filter out most of the dirt from getting to the carpets.

  • Use only the compatible cleaning products

Some carpets are good even with any type of chemical used on them during cleaning. For others, the high sensitivity won’t let that happen. Instead of gambling around, it is important that you stick with what is specified for that particular carpet. That way, you prevent the unexpected from happening.

  • Say no to shampoos and detergents

They will do a better cleaning but they will leave the residue on the bottom of the carpet. You don’t get what you really desired which is a thorough cleaning without any unwanted effects.

  • Deep cleaning at intervals

Vacuuming is light cleaning and can be done as many times as possible. A deep cleaning is different and emphasises on cleaning using water and chemicals. Don’t let your carpet go for more than 3 months without a deep cleaning. Where there is less traffic, though, you can extend a little.

  • Steam cleaning

It is the number one method of carpet cleaning in the modern times. Both regular homeowners and professional cleaners will support me here.

  • Call the experts for extreme cases

Where the carpet is super dirty, not even the conventional tools will work. In this level, you will definitely need to leave it to the experts.

As well as the information in this post, I also had a look on youtube to see if I could get some further helpful information for you, this is what I found:

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