Tips for Painting Your Home

paints for your homePaint has been around for a very long time and many people decide to paint or repaint their homes to give it a new or a different look. It amazes me how a simple splash of color can transform a room completely. It, however, gets overwhelming for one to settle on the best color for their homes. There are very many different paints in the market to choose from, different textures, colors and also ways of painting. This article which was kindly put together by our good friends over at CET Painting and outlines a number of great tips for painting your home:

Choosing The Color You Prefer:

There are millions of colors to choose from. When deciding which color to settle on, you need to pick on that complements the décor that you have in the room or one that would go well with the décor that you are intending to have. If you decide to go for colors that are a little bit darker, the mood in the room will be cozier and much warmer. Dark colors seem to be pulling in all the space. However, creamier colors make the space in the room to seem much more open. When repainting your home, make a bold and a creative statement.

Choosing your Finishing

Finishing can vary from a flat one to an eggshell type or a satin sort of finishing. The most popular sort of finishing is the matte enamel due to its advantageous features. It is much easier to clean and it improves any type of imperfections that may be visible on the wall. When you keep taking a darker finishing, then the wall imperfections on the wall become more visible. It is advisable to go for a finishing type that has more sheen.

If you are changing the sheen, ensure that you have used two coats. This ensures proper and complete wall coverage. Ensure that the previous color does not bleed through to the new color. This will make sure that there is complete coverage of all roller streaks that were previously there.

Ensure that you have properly the walls. Fill up any wall holes with putty or mud. Once it dries up, texture it appropriately. When this is done, you are almost well prepared to start painting. You can use tape as is highly recommended to cover all the trims and the ceiling edges. This is to avoid any accidental splash of wall paint over these areas. You should the wait until the paint completely dries up so that it does not end up coming out when you are removing the tape.

Now when painting, make sure that the rolling technique that you are using is uniformed all through the room. This will help a lot in saving a huge amount of paint. Avoid placing the roller on the walls when the paint is trying to dry up as it would create an uneven patch.

Giving your walls new painting is the surest way of changing the look of the room. The tips above will help you give your house a homely feel.

Now you are ready to paint your home all you need to some is get some inspiration, we found this video which will hopefully help with that.

Gary Wilson