What’s involved with an end of tenancy cleaning job

end of tenancy cleaningWhen you lease an office or a house, you usually move into a building which is left in an empty state. It is all clean and ready for you to move in. That means there are no strange markings on the wall, the windows and floors are clean and the toilets are working properly. If the case is otherwise, then it is always advisable first to settle it with your landlord or the leasing agency. When the day you need to move arrives, you are expected to leave the house or office in the same condition you found it. It involves a lot of work to achieve that. Most people do not have all that time and resources needed to do an end of tenancy cleaning. They, therefore, prefer to hire professional companies such as Vale Carpet Cleaners in Cardiff to do end of tenancy cleaning.

Such professional companies provide commercial services, which means you will have to pay them after the job is done. They always make sure that clients leave their leased properties in clean and tidy conditions just as the property management requires. This ensures that clients get to save the time they would have used to clean and the resources they would have incurred. Whenever the property management demands that more cleaning is done, they go back and fix the issue at no extra cost. Following are the services offered in end of tenancy cleaning service:

  • Floor cleaning and mopping – the companies, perform hard mopping on the floor and remove all the dirt on the floors. They also remove any stains or markings on the walls, cobwebs or unnecessary decorations. This means that the floors, as well as the walls, should be left sparkling clean; just the way you found it.
  • Vacuum cleaning – high-pressure vacuum cleaners are used to collect any scattered dirt on the floors. They also blow out the dust particles from the window panes, window tracks and louvres.
  • Carpet steam cleaning –use vaporised to spot clean and remove dust from all types of carpets is always necessary. The best thing with steam carpet cleaning is that it leaves the carpet dry.
  • Dusting –any accumulated dust is required to be wiped out. On the light holders, shelves, drawers, mirrors and air conditioning vents, any accumulated dust should be wiped out clean. Property managers usually insist on getting them spotlessly clean.
  • Bathroom and toilet cleaning – here, cleaning involves all the sinks and tubs, polishing all the bathroom mirrors and disinfecting the toilet basin. At the end of the day, it is to be ensured that no foul smell or clogged sinks and tubs are left uncleaned.
  • Garage sweeping – all oil stains are to be cleaned. This involves removing all the oil cans and unused spare parts. Sweeping is also done, to clean out any foreign materials scattered.

End of tenancy cleaning involves a lot of process and tasks. It would waste a lot of time to do it on your own. It is always advisable to hire a professional end of tenancy cleaning company.

Gary Wilson